Peerless Bottle Reveal

The wait is over. We are overjoyed to share with you the finished Peerless bottle.


Peerless Bottle Design

“We wanted something different than anything on the market.  It definitely stands out,” Carson Taylor explains. “It turned out exactly as we envisioned.”


The bottle design process itself took nearly two years.  It was a development we took very seriously. The bottle is crafted from a heavy glass and allows Peerless spirits to sit on a pedestal.  From the detailed notches to the beautiful cork, this bottle is nothing short of stunning.


Made in the USA

We are proud that Peerless products are purely made in the USA.  Our bottle is made in America by American workers.


Henry Kraver’s Signature

“I think my great-grandfather would be very proud to have his name on this bottle.”

~Carson Taylor


Kentucky Peerless Distilling Company began in Henderson, KY under the leadership of our ancestor, Henry Kraver, in 1889. He set a precedent we have vowed to uphold.  Reviving his exceptional craft is not a task we took on lightly.  We have carried that same care and consideration into creating this bottle.