Kentucky Peerless Single Barrel Bourbon

Kentucky Peerless’s identity as an artisan distillery is centered around its uncompromising quality and innovative nature. There is possibly no better exemplification of this than our Single Barrel program. Our team promotes only barrels of supreme quality and uniqueness for consideration to be a Single Barrel. Rare notes and characteristics that make each barrel stand apart from the standard profile are celebrated and show off the range of Peerless spirits.

Every Drop is honestly crafted. We craft using strictly sweet mash, starting with fresh water and grain each batch.

Our whiskey is never chill-filtered, leaving all the craft flavors you love intact. Peerless® Whiskey is bottled at barrel proof. You're welcome to add water to your liking - we'll leave that up to you.



Kentucky Peerless Single Barrel Bourbon Distillery

Kentucky Peerless Single Barrel Bourbon KPD

Due to the careful distilling process, Peerless® Bourbon is multi-dimensional in terms of flavor. Single Barrel selections allow for concentration on a particular barrel’s unique characteristics. Our team carefully hand-selects barrels highlighting distinctive natural profiles to be offered as Peerless Single Barrel distillery selections.

Once a barrel is chosen, it is bottled and given a unique label. These selections are available at the Peerless® distillery exclusively. Each barrel typically yields 216 to 230 bottles. As always, Peerless® whiskey is bottled at barrel proof, so our patrons experience the same robust characteristics chosen specially for them.

Every drop of Peerless® Whiskey is honestly crafted, never sourced. Never chill-filtered.
Strictly sweet mash. Barrel proof. No water added. Made in the USA.



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