Randy Allender - Distillery Consultant

“With his degree in the chemistry field nearly under his belt, Caleb had already determined he was destined for a distilling career.  He continued to build upon that chemistry knowledge as he understood there was a “craft” side to the trade he was getting into.  Soon after I met him, I was impressed with how intent he was to learn about the history of distilling operations from those that had years of experience.  Caleb is a good listener and never wasted an opportunity to learn from those having distilling experience. 

Caleb was instrumental in establishing the Kentucky Peerless Distillery operation and determining the manner of distilling to meet the expected outcome of their Rye Whiskey, which has been released and their to-be released bourbon.  Corky and Carson Taylor recognized soon after they hired Caleb, that he had the potential to lead this process and named him Head Distiller.  They saw in Caleb his great work ethics and a burning desire to prove to himself he could master the art and science of distilling and they wisely gave him the latitude to run with it.

Many with years of experience in the industry have taken note of Caleb and the Kentucky Distilling Rye Whiskey.  Even though he has been the recipient of much praise from those people, now travels the country, even internationally and gets interviewed for all manner of media, he has kept grounded in his Salt Lick Kentucky roots.  It’s not often I see someone that has dedicated their life to a craft they way Caleb has taken to distilling. He is deserving of the title of “Master Distiller” and will serve as a great example to others that may follow him into the industry.”