“When The Taylor’s asked me if I knew anyone they could hire to help oversee the distillery construction, and possibly be their distiller, Caleb was the first person who came … Read More

“Caleb Kilburn is on his way to be one of the great master distillers in Kentucky. His understanding and reverence of the distilling history of Kentucky and his technical skill … Read More

“With his degree in the chemistry field nearly under his belt, Caleb had already determined he was destined for a distilling career.  He continued to build upon that chemistry knowledge … Read More

“I met Caleb on the first day of the Epicenter six-day class. Before the class even started, he was already asking questions about the equipment and how it worked. On … Read More

“Caleb is without question a total team player and his dedication and commitment to producing a quality product is unmatched. I am honored to announce Caleb Kilburn our master distiller.”