Peerless Rye Single Barrel Inaugural release

Peerless Rye Single Barrel Inaugural release

Join us November 18th for the inaugural release of Peerless Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey Single Barrel with bottle signings by Head Distiller, Caleb Kilburn and fourth and fifth generation, Corky and Carson Taylor.

Due to our careful distilling process, Peerless Rye is multi-dimensional in terms of flavor. Head Distiller, Caleb Kilburn, has carefully hand selected three unique barrels from each of our three distinct flavor pillars to be offered as our Peerless Single Barrel selection at the Peerless Distillery.

The three core flavor pillars of Peerless Rye: Fruits & Florals, Caramel & Vanilla and Oak & Pepper. Our Single Barrel selections allow for concentration on each particular barrel’s unique flavor characteristics.

Once the barrel was hand selected, it was bottled and prepared for the enjoyment of our patrons, given a unique label to be introduced to the public starting November 18, 2017.

Oak & Pepper
This flavor pillar is great for those that appreciate a traditional rye. Here, you’ll enjoy that familiar rye spice with sweet or toasted oak, tobacco and even baking spices.

Caramel & Vanilla
This flavor pillar hits upon many of the characteristics Bourbon lovers enjoy. Here, you’ll enjoy the maple and brown sugar notes along with caramel and vanilla.

Fruits & Florals
This flavor pillar appeals to those that enjoy scotch or an aged product as it pulls citrus hints, berry notes and honey.

As always, Peerless spirits are bottled at barrel proof, so our patrons experience the same robust flavors that were sampled by our Head Distiller, Caleb Kilburn, and chosen specially for you.

Thank you for joining the journey as we revive our family’s legacy. It is an honor to have valued patrons that appreciate the care that goes into creating the finest Kentucky Bourbon & Rye Whiskey.

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