Peerless Leaders

We are the Kentucky Peerless Distilling Co. - Makers of Fine Bourbon and Rye Whiskey

Our roots run deep into the 1880’s through the heart of Henderson, Kentucky. Our ancestor, Henry Kraver, made the famous Peerless Whiskey a regional powerhouse. After ceasing operations during Prohibition, the Peerless label has laid dormant — until now. We've revived is legacy, a task that we do not take on lightly. The Peerless team is proudly to craft our own path in downtown Louisville, Kentucky. At Peerless, we are dedicated to taking the time to craft seriously superior spirits. We look forward to meeting you and sharing the Kentucky Bourbon and Rye Whiskey we've crafted with you in mind.

Corky Taylor / 4th Generation

Corky Taylor was past President and CEO of BENCOR Inc., a financial services company he founded. After selling his business located in Sarasota, Florida in 2009, Corky tried retirement but obviously it did not work.

He is currently resurrecting Kentucky Peerless Distilling Company after 98 years. His Great Grandfather, Henry Kraver, was owner of the distillery in Henderson Kentucky from 1896 to 1917. Corky is currently bringing back the family history and has re-opened a grain to bottle distillery in downtown Louisville.

Corky Taylor - Peerless
Carson Taylor - Peerless

Carson Taylor / 5th Generation

Fifth generation to Peerless founder, Henry Kraver, Carson Taylor was a successful business owner when he chose to follow his passion of reviving a family legacy with father and Peerless owner, Corky Taylor. He jumped into the new venture with no hesitation and it is not difficult to see why. The passion Carson has for the Peerless family history and the newly revitalized operation is obvious in all that he does.

From the structural foundation of the distillery as it exists today, to the detailed Peerless bottle design and everything in between, Carson pours his heart into every Peerless element. Carson focuses on crafting honest spirits that live up the profound legacy his ancestor left behind. His attention to detail and drive to offer an authentic experience from start to finish have set Peerless at an unparalleled caliber.

Caleb Kilburn / Master Distiller

During college, Caleb became absolutely fascinated with distillation. After shadowing several kind cookers, distillers and plant managers, he knew he had to become a distiller. Corky and Carson were kind enough to include him in building Peerless from the ground up. He began doing labor work and quickly expanded his responsibilities to managing equipment and controls installation. Caleb's dreams came true when they asked him to become Master Distiller and he's been living that dream since then. His unmatched quality standards show in the impeccable spirits Peerless produces every day.

Caleb Kilburn Peerless Head Distiller
Peerless team

Cadie Andes / Creative Marketing

My background in marketing and design in general confirm where my passion lies. Dipping my toes into promotion within the alcohol industry helped me to discover where I wanted to develop that passion. Meeting Corky and Carson, I instantly knew … Read More

Peyton Beall/ Head of Retail

I was introduced to Peerless through one of my best friends who owns a successful whiskey bar. She invited me along on a tour she was taking of the distillery, and somewhere along the tour path, I felt a connection. … Read More


Tara Bowling / Marketing and Public Relations Associate

Through my roommate, Kat, I heard about Peerless and what it was all about. After being introduced to the company and the people who worked here, I really enjoyed the family feel of it — Even if you’re not a … Read More


Tommy Edwards / Distiller & Logistics Management

Carson and I have known each other for years through the building industry and our shared love of boating. I have great confidence in the Taylor Family and I’m honored to be part of the Peerless Team. Started – September … Read More


Christa Edwards / Head of Office

Tommy and I have known Carson for years since we all previously worked in the same industry. I came on board just after they purchased the building in 2013 and it’s as if I blinked and 4 years have gone … Read More


Kat Halblieb / Hospitality Hostess

I, just like a lot of people here, got through the door by knowing someone who was already working here. I was just looking for a cool job to work while I was taking classes and trying to graduate. And … Read More


Imogean Hayes / Facility Specialist

Chris called me one day before the distillery had opened to the public and she said “Mom, we need help! We have guests coming to visit and this place is a mess from all of the construction. Can you help … Read More


Nick Klee / Distiller & Production Coordinator

I followed the distillery online in the beginning and continued to drop off resumes and wrote handwritten letters to Corky & Carson. I kept track of the progress they were making from the outside and then a month before they … Read More


Cordell Lawrence / Director, Global Marketing & Strategy

I’m truly grateful to have had the privilege of working for some of the most iconic Spirit brands in the world including Maker’s Mark, Jack Daniel’s and Southern Comfort, but nothing compares to the day I first heard the Peerless … Read More


Steve Lyverse / Advisor

In the Taylor’s warm and sincere southern style, I was welcomed and invited to “drop by anytime,” which I did, usually at lunch. My visits began to take purpose and grew into conversations on strategy, structure, culture, opportunity, etc. Mutual … Read More


Dustin Tucker / Facility Coordinator/Cook

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Being with the same company for over 10 years, I found myself channeling that spirit into different outlets; one of them being bourbon. I never thought I’d be fortunate enough to turn that … Read More


Drew Tyler / Bottling/Shipping Manager

After spending 13 years in the Electronics manufacturing services industry, I felt a change was needed. When the opportunity came to join the Peerless team with it’s rich and unique history, along with an awesome work environment, I didn’t think … Read More


Pat Vaughn / CFO

I had worked half days for Corky, in a previous business, for 12 years. When he and Carson decided to start Peerless, I was brought on board to formalize the strategic plan and financial forecast. These documents were used to … Read More


John Wadell / Single Barrel Curator

I ended up meeting Caleb through a mutual contact. We hung out for awhile and I guess he saw something in me because here I am now! Enjoying doing a little bit of everything under the Peerless roof. Started – … Read More


Alayna Whelan / Hospitality Hostess

I got my start at Peerless Distillery in 2015 when Lucky Moonshine was first released. I was “Lucky” enough to get to be a part of one of the first photo shoots to promote the Moonshine. Apparently I could not … Read More

Shaun Wilson

Shaun Wilson / Creative Marketing

I have been in the multimedia and creative marketing industry for nearly 18 years. Partnering with Peerless to help cultivate their vision has evolved into working with various aspects of marketing and I am honored to be a part of … Read More