Enter the desired serial number to locate your Peerless bottle. Archives include batch, dump date, proof and tasting notes made by Head Distiller, Caleb Kilburn.


R151028108 Small Batch Date: 2/12/18 Proof: 108.7 Notes: The nose is warm and fruit driven, giving it almost a cobbler quality. Sweet oak and rye also gives it a dark … Read More


R151021102 Small Batch Date: 2/12/18 Proof: 108.8 Notes: The nose starts with a warm caramel and cherry syrup medley. The intensity and heft of this nose is really impressive. Despite … Read More


R150731103 Small Batch Date: 8/16/17 Proof: 107.8 Notes: A deep warm and spicy floral dominates the early nose. Caramels and oaks join, but the floral remains in charge. The taste … Read More


R150420202 Small Batch Date: 5/17/17 Proof: 107.6 Notes: The nose is floral and oak forward, but opens up to reveal a very nice herbaceous characteristic. The first sip starts very … Read More


R150416204 Small Batch Date: 5/17/17 Proof: 107.4 Notes: The nose is phenomenally complex. Notes of floral (honeysuckle), caramel, sweet oak, tobacco, citrus, cherry, and cedar are all noticeable. The first … Read More


R150406301 Small Batch Date: 5/15/17 Proof: 107.2 Notes: The nose contains a really nice balance of sweet oak and this really fresh herbaceous quality. As it continues, floral and even … Read More


R150413303 Small Batch Date: 5/11/17 Proof: 107.4 Notes: The nose starts with a combination of floral tones and oak. As it opens up, the floral notes dominate and are further … Read More


R150415202 Small Batch Date: 5/5/17 Proof: 107.4 Notes: Nose of dark fruit syrup, accented with a subtle pipe tobacco. A dark chocolate note also lingers late in the nose. The … Read More


R150414302 Small Batch Date: 5/1/17 Proof: 107.6 Notes: Strong grasses dominate the early nose. A sweet grain character, subtle sweet caramel, and drying tobacco also join. There is even sweet … Read More


R150413103 Small Batch Date: 5/1/17 Proof: 107.4 Notes: The nose starts with a fruit infused honey, dotted with bits of chocolate. Caramels, vanillas, cream, sweet oak, and subtle tobacco finish … Read More


R150417104 Small Batch Date: 4/28/17 Proof: 107.8 Notes: A sweet grassy character leads the nose. Rye and oak spice join. Floral components and tea also grace the nose late, adding … Read More


R150410101 Small Batch Date: 4/28/17 Proof: 107.6 Notes: Nose of sweet caramel, accented with vanilla and cinnamon spice. A combination of oak, leather, and tobacco blossom late. The taste starts … Read More