We are the Kentucky Peerless Distilling Company, Makers of Fine Bourbon and Rye Whiskey

Our roots run deep into the 1880’s through the heart of Henderson, Kentucky. Our ancestor Henry Kraver made the famous Peerless Whiskey a regional powerhouse. After ceasing operations during Prohibition, the Peerless label has laid dormant—until now. Beginning in the Winter of 2014/2015, Peerless production has once again commenced.


Chairman / 4th Generation


President / 5th Generation


Head of Office

Caleb Kilburn

Head Distiller

Tommy Edwards

Distribution Manager 

Becky Carroll

Head of Retail

Nick Klee

Production Manager

Skip Lichtefeld

Head of Safety and Maintenance

Haley Routt

Marketing Director

Hayley Hoback

Public Relations

Kentucky Peerless Distilling Co. Team
Kentucky Peerless Distilling Co. Team