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Our roots run deep into the 1880’s through the heart of Henderson, Kentucky. Our ancestor Henry Kraver made the famous Peerless Whiskey a regional power house. After ceasing operations during Prohibition, the Peerless label has laid dormant—until now. Beginning in the Winter of 2014/2015, production under the auspices of Kentucky Peerless Distilling will once again commence. Our first moonshine product will be some of the smoothest ‘shine you will ever swill.

Construction just began at our distillery in Louisville, have a look below to see our progress, click on the thumbnails to view larger.


Construction is just beginning at the new Kentucky Peerless Distilling Company location. Over the coming months we will be updating this section with photos of our progress. We are working towards producing our first drop of “Lucky” Moonshine by Winter 2014/2015. Please take a moment to join our mailing list in the left column to be alerted of major developments.

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