Fat-Washed Smoked Old Fashion


2oz Peerless® Bourbon (Fat-Washed)

3/4 oz burnt sugar simple syrup

3-4 dashes chocolate bitters

2 bacon wrapped dates for garnish

Wood piece for smoking cocktail glass



To fat-wash Bourbon, add fat of choice (i.e. melted butter, bacon fat) to a spirit at room temperature. Let the mixture sit for a few hours before chilling until the fat solidifies and can easily be skimmed off. The spirit retains the flavors of the fat even after you've done the skimming.
Torch a small section of wood. Place cocktail glass upside down over the burnt area so it fills with smoke.
Fill mixing glass with ice and add ingredients. Stir until good and cold then strain into your cocktail glass adding one large chunk of ice. Garnish with bacon-wrapped dates.