Kentucky Peerless’s identity as an artisan distillery is centered around its uncompromising quality and innovative nature. There is possibly no better exemplification of this than our Single Barrel program. Head Distiller Caleb Kilburn and team promote only barrels of supreme quality and uniqueness for consideration to be a single barrel. Rare notes and characteristics that make each barrel stand apart from our standard profile are celebrated and show off the range of our products. Typically, selections are chosen by liquor stores, bars, and restaurants that handle enough volume to accommodate the full volume of a single barrel. While we are extremely grateful for these partners and will continue to offer our Peerless Single Barrel program, we often see that some small guys get left out of this process. In the interest of making Peerless single barrel selections accessible to everyone who wants to embrace the Peerless experience, Caleb will be releasing 15 barrels of his own selection for distribution. This will allow anyone to showcase a distiller selected single barrel with a minimal investment. To highlight the layers of flavor, complexity and depth of character behind our story and our products, we will be calling these selections Peerless Dimensions


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