Prickly Pear Manhattan Peerless® Single Barrel Rye Master Distiller Pre-signed

$ 124.00

Signed by Master Distiller, Caleb Kilburn.

Available for online purchase and curbside pickup today.

Peerless® Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey
Single Barrel Selection

Tasting Notes:

The Prickly Pear Manhattan Single Barrel Selection offers natural notes of crisp pear and brown sugar.

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Tasting Notes

Crisp white fruit, herbs, and honey lead off an excellent nose. Aromas of leather and fruit bitters make the mind reminisce of a speakeasy. Sharp cinnamon, toasted oak, brown sugar, and honeysuckle lead off the first sip. A subtle tobacco and milk chocolate soon accent the flavors. A smoky, fruity cocktail base becomes more and more prominent with each additional sip. The momentum of the savory, sweet oak slowly grinds to a halt as crisp white fruit bursts continually brighten the palate in an amazing finish.



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PLEASE NOTE due to limited availability, bottle pre-orders will be held no longer than 7 business days. If your bottle is not picked up within this time period, you will be refunded your order amount minus $10 per bottle purchase to accommodate for stock adjustment.


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