Farmhouse Cider Peerless® Single Barrel Rye

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Peerless® Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey
Single Barrel Selection

Tasting Notes:

Crisp Apple, Malted Sugar, Sweet Grass

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Full Tasting Notes


Curing tobacco and sweet grasses are present in the first whiff. Cooked pear, dusted in cinnamon, provides a sweet base in the nose, but the fresh vegetation still looms large.


The palate starts with a burst of malted sugar before waves of citrus, toasted oak, and white fruit wash over the tongue. Another taste adds brown sugar but continues to add complexities to the white fruit. Notions of sweet pears and tart apples begin to form.


The finish shifts earthier as the sweet grasses return. Mild cinnamon, malt sugar, and one last fruity burst provide the perfect finale to this barrel.


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