December 12, 2019

Series I Bottle 6

Peerless dumps the sixth bottle of the seven bottle Series I collection. This marks four years of aging for the first Peerless bourbon in 100 years. We thank those of the Series I holders that were able to join us on this special day!

December 12, 2019

Best Bourbon of 2019

InsideHook names Peerless Bourbon ‘The Best Bourbon of 2019

February 2020

Best Kentucky Bourbon 2020

Peerless Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon has been named ‘Best Kentucky Bourbon’ in the 2020 World Whiskies Awards. Kentucky Peerless Small Batch Straight Rye Whiskey was also a Gold winner for Rye 12 Years & Under.

February 2020

Barrel-finished collaborations

Kentucky Peerless Distilling Co. and Copper & Kings Distillery announce the release of two barrel-finished collaborations. Kentucky Peerless Distilling Co. releases a Rye Whiskey aged in American Alembic absinthe barrels, while Copper & Kings American Brandy Co. releases copper pot-distilled American Brandy aged in Kentucky Peerless Rye Whiskey barrels.
The Kentucky Peerless Distilling Company

March 23 2020

Masters Series

Our first-ever combination Masters Series / Barrel Selection event with The Frazier Museum. The Frazier’s Masters Series is a popular series of programs celebrating Kentucky’s booming beverage industry.

August 2020

Travelers' Choice Winner

Kentucky Peerless Distilling Company has been named in the top 10% of attractions worldwide! We sincerely thank our patrons for joining in the revival of our family legacy. The support we’ve received is outstanding and greatly appreciated. We are honored to have been named a Travelers' Choice Winner each year since opening our doors.
Whisky prescription only for medicinal


Peerless Available by Prescription

During the early 1920s, the Peerless federally-bonded warehouses are used for whiskey storage under the armed protection of the U.S. Government. In 1923, the contents of the warehouses (some 6,000 barrels of whiskey) are transported by troops to another facility in Owensboro, KY. For a period of time, Peerless product is of the few available by prescription for medicinal use.


Kraver Sustains the Great Depression

In the early throes of the Great Depression, Henry Kraver invests in and serves as president of the First National Bank of Henderson. Opening its doors in 1932, the bank operates under this same name until 1993. The newly minted Montgomery Ward department store does not survive and in 1934 Kraver retrofits the space to be an 800-seat movie house and vaudeville stage. The Kraver Theater remains open from 1935 until 1976.
Kraver Theature
A letter threatening Henry Kravers Grandson


A Threat to Kraver's Grandson

An event happens in 1933 that would alter the course of the Peerless legacy. Local union workers break into a Henderson insurance agency and leave a threatening letter for Kraver stating, “You better look out for your grandson.” With this, the Kraver family sends him to military school. After many amazing life experiences of his own, this grandson grows up to be the father of Corky Taylor and grandfather of Carson Taylor. Corky and Carson, respectively the 4th and 5th generations, are now reviving the legendary Peerless namesake in Louisville, Kentucky.


The End of an Era

After a dedicated marriage, many business ventures, and a daughter together, Henry's wife Ida passes away in 1936. In October 1937, Kraver falls from the top of the grandiose stairs of the famous Palmer House Hotel in Chicago. This fall leaves him in need of surgery, and eventually, a leg amputation. Henry Kraver passes away from related complications in January 1938 at age 78.
Kraver and Ida
Kentucky Peerless Distilling - Bourbon Distillery

March 2014

A Legacy Revived

A building permit is issued to fourth and fifth-generation Corky and Carson Taylor. They begin construction on the new Peerless distillery. The over 115-year-old building in downtown Louisville is restored to become the remarkable distillery as it exists today. Construction is completed by March of 2015.



Peerless is able to obtain the original Kentucky Distilled Spirits Plant Number from the first Peerless Distillery in Henderson, Kentucky in the 1800s. DSP-KY-50 represents the history behind the Peerless family and the legacy behind Peerless bourbon. Today, Distilled Spirits Numbers are established in the 20,000s.
Kentucky Peerless Distilling Co. dsp-ky-50
Peerless First Barrel Fill

March 4, 2015

Barrel Number 1 is Filled

For the first time since 1917, Peerless Whiskey is back in the barrel. Corky Taylor, Henry Kraver’s Great Grandson, has come out of retirement to revive the family brand by opening Kentucky Peerless Distilling Company in downtown Louisville with his son Carson Taylor, 5th Generation. The Taylor family is making Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey and Bourbon. The legendary Peerless spirit continues and a new legacy is born.

June 3, 2015

Peerless Grand Opening

Peerless family and friends, including Mayor Greg Fisher, gather to celebrate the Peerless grand opening. Doors are officially open to the Peerless distillery and the public has the opportunity to participate, first-hand in the Peerless legacy. The significant distillery development is later recognized with a Cornerstone Award.
Carson Taylor the story behind the bottle

December 2016

Perfecting the Peerless Bottle

After a design that embodies Peerless spirits is complete, Carson Taylor travels to the bottle factory he has been working with for the past two years to give input on the execution. It took about a year working with the glass manufacturers to perfect the vision for the bottle. Being a part of the process was crucial to Carson because this bottle will hold the first Peerless whiskey in 100 years.

March 2017

Peerless Prohibition Bottle

Carson Taylor discovers a bottle of Prohibition whiskey under the Henry Kraver name and surprises Corky with it for his birthday. The bottle will remain in the distillery, unopened.
peerless barrel dump

April 27, 2017

First Barrel Dump Since the Peerless Revival

The first batch of Peerless Rye Whiskey is dumped and ready to be bottled as the first brown spirit in 100 years under the Peerless name.

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May 2017

Rye Release to the Public

The public joins in celebration for the whiskey that is finally able to be sipped and savored by all. Peerless Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey is now available in Kentucky and Washington, D.C.
Peerless Rye Single Barrel

November 18, 2017

Exclusive Distillery Single Barrel Selections

Master distiller Caleb Kilburn selects three single barrels that highlight distinctive natural profiles to be introduced on November 18, 2017.

Due to the careful distilling process, Peerless Rye is multi-dimensional in terms of flavor. Single Barrel selections allow for concentration on a particular barrel’s unique characteristics.

November 20, 2017

Peerless Named Top 20 Whiskies in the World

Whisky Advocate names Peerless’s two-year Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey as 15th Most Exciting Whiskey of the Year. Peerless was the first craft distillery to ever be included since its start 25 years ago. Peerless’s Rye Whiskey was also the only rye whiskey included on the list. Whisky Advocate ranks its Top 20 list based on a blind tasting and releases the list each November leading up to New York WhiskyFest. “Delivering a buttery mouthfeel with toasted rye and baking spice notes, Peerless is the only craft producer on our list... Peerless is paving the way and we expect more craft distillers to join them.” Fred Minnick
Whisky Advocate Peerless Top 20
Peerless Package of the Year

December 6, 2017

Peerless Awarded Package of the Year

The National Association of Container Distributors name the Peerless bottle design, label and cap the Package of the Year in the spirits division. The bottle was designed by Fifth Generation and President Carson Taylor. Sparing no expense, Taylor worked to develop a package that embodied Kentucky Peerless for over two years. The cork and bottle are of the heaviest on the market.

April 24, 2018

Peerless is Ranked Top Rye Whiskey

Whisky Advocate ranks eight popular rye whiskies with a grading scale. Peerless was given the highest score of 91 points. Aaron Goldfarb said: “Rye is a perfect niche for craft whiskey distillers, as it often drinks well at a younger age than many bourbons. A revival product for a once-prominent distillery that closed due to prohibition, this youthful rye makes a splashy entrance. A fruity, tropical nose leads into a bold and peppery palate. The high proof means it’s a tad hot, but a splash of water softens that and unlocks baking spices and anise on the finish. Whisky Advocate’s blind tasting panel ranked this rye number 15 in the 2017 Top 20 Whiskies of the Year.”
Whisky Advocate Peerless
Peerless Barrel House

October 3, 2018

Henry County Barrel Warehouse Ribbon Cutting

Peerless rolls the first barrel into the new barrel warehouse in Henry County, Kentucky. The new warehouse is approximately 30 minutes away from the downtown distillery, holding up to 5,300 barrels. Peerless purchased 19 acres of land with the intention of building up to six rickhouses on the land. Each rickhouse is designed to match the on-site rickhouse at one story high (6 ricks). Peerless’s new rickhouse is the first completed distillery-related project being added to Henry County.

November 14, 2018

Peerless Rye Whiskey 3 Year is Released

Peerless releases the second Small Batch product to market at three-years-old. Master Distiller, Caleb Kilburn’s tasting notes on the whiskey: “Caramels, cinnamon, citrus, and tobacco lead off an amazing nose. Floral and vanilla notes come to life as rye spices and sweet grasses also add complex earth tones to this nose. The first sip is sweet before rolling into a cinnamon-spiced rye truffle. Orange and cherry syrup linger. The second sip leads off with an amazing change-up, featuring sweet/spicy oak, dark chocolate, and a burst of complex spices before returning to a brilliant fruity character. Oaks and chocolates lead off an amazing finish that features every branch of the flavor wheel. Florals even come to life late in the finish, refreshing the palate and encouraging another pour.”
Peerless Rye 3YR
Global Craft Producer Award Icons of Whisky

January 30, 2019

Craft Producer of the Year

Peerless receives Whisky Magazine’s Craft Producer of the Year Award in New York City. Corky and Jamia Taylor receive the award, narrowed down from 900 nominations and then down to 20 craft distilleries in the Americas. When asked what Peerless First Generation Henry Kraver would think, Taylor said, “I know he’s looking down on us, I know my grandfather is and I know my father is. This is great for our family, but it’s great for everybody who works here at the distillery and who cares about the distillery. We did this as a family.” Nominations are made through by peers in the industry through Whisky Magazine. The final decision is made by the Whiskey Magazine Editorial Panel.

March 28, 2019

Global Craft Producer of the Year

Master Distiller Caleb Kilburn travels to London in March to accept the Global Craft Producer of the Year award from Whisky Magazine. Corky Taylor congratulated the team at Peerless for their hard work and passion for the products, while Caleb also gave credit to the Peerless family. Upon accepting the award, Caleb said, “This distinction is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the team that Corky and Carson Taylor have assembled. I was so proud to accept this award that solidifies the revival of Kentucky Peerless Distilling Company.” Nominations are made by industry peers through Whisky Magazine, with the final decision made by the Whisky Magazine Editorial Panel. They then take recipients from around the world and award each distillery within their given category.
Global Craft Producer of the Year
Peerless Bourbon

June 22, 2019

The First Peerless Bourbon in over 100 Years is Released ... and Sold Out Twice

Peerless releases their first bourbon in 102 years. After barreling in March of 2015, the four-year-old product was the first Peerless bourbon available on the market without a prescription since Prohibition. The release was on June 22, 2019, to honor Roy “Ace” Taylor Jr. on his birthday. The doors opened at 10 a.m. and all bottles of bourbon sold out before closing time at 5 p.m. Upon the second release on August 3, 2019, the bottles once again sold out within the business hours of that day. Peerless Bourbon is rooted in fruits, florals and oaks.

September 18, 2019

National Bourbon Release

Peerless officially launches their first bourbon nationally. Upon release, New York, Florida, Texas, California, Illinois, Georgia and Kentucky are able to receive Peerless Bourbon in limited quantities. When commenting on Peerless Bourbon, Cordell Lawrence, Director of Global Marketing and Strategy said, “Peerless is a legacy reborn and our mission is to produce bourbon worthy of the historic name. We are American-made down to our very bottle, never source, and embrace the artisanal history of bourbon using cutting edge technology.” By the year 2020, Peerless Bourbon will be available in 45+ states.
Peerless Bourbon

Present Day

Peerless Bourbon and Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey can currently be found across the United States. The distillery is open to the public Monday-Saturday where the Kraver family history is shared on tours every hour on the half-hour.