Kentucky Peerless Rye

Double Oak

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Join us Wednesday, July 4th as we celebrate Independence Day!

We will release Peerless Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey, Double Oak for purchase at the distillery.

Double Oak Tasting Notes:
The nose starts extremely sweet and earthy. Sweet/spicy oak, tobacco, leather, and toffee are all major contributors. Later, florals and cooked dark fruit bitters also join.

The first sip starts extremely sweet, but then rolls into an incredibly complex feature of barrel notes. Sweet and spicy oak, chocolate, cinnamon, tobacco, leather and nearly any other earthy/earthy-sweet note in the book can be picked up from this barrel.

The mouthfeel is paramount and the flavors are bold, yet palatable. The second sip is just as complex as the first and leads into a finish highlighted by oak tones. The extended, bold finish concludes an amazing barrel!

We will also have a barrel signing with all veterans.
We invite all veterans to visit the distillery to sign a barrel that will be filled! Stop by anytime Wednesday to participate.