Double Oak Bourbon Release





Kentucky Peerless Distilling Company Releases the fourth Small Batch of Double Oak Bourbon

Saturday, September 16
Join us this Saturday for the latest release of Peerless Double Oak Bourbon.

Barreled Twice in New Oak Barrels

Exposing Peerless whiskey to two separate casks allows for two full-barrel extractions. The result? Supercharged notes give this whiskey supreme complexity and mouthfeel.

Our dedicated tasting team strategically selects barrels with prominent grain, fruit, and herbaceous notes that complement the extra barrel character. This ultimately makes for a population of barrels that are packed with flavor and balanced enough to uphold the Peerless name.


Small Batch 4 Tasting Notes

The nose begins with notes of caramel and butterscotch followed by fresh cherry and dried tobacco.


The pallet opens with bright citrus and pops of florals. The second portion contains expressions of dry red wine and cocoa.


The experience concludes with sweet notes of honey and toasted oak. Cheers!